Wrapped in Courage Provincial Campaign: November Woman Abuse Awareness month 2014

The 2 nd annual provincial Wrapped in Courage Purple Scarf Campaign is wants to thank the Elementary and Secondary Teachers Federation Ontario and Shoppers Drug Mart for their support of this campaign. They are courageously standing up for abused women in OntArio.

Join the 17,000 Ontarians who are getting involved by purchasing a scarf at a local participating business or shelter check out our website http://www.wrappedincourage.com join our social media campaign @wrappdincourage or like us on Facebook.

Your support will make a local and provincial difference. Listen to what shelters are doing to help women
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O2vD_i1Cio

Stay tuned on facebook, twitter @wrappdincourage and this blog for news on the next movement you can get involved with.

If you are looking to leave an abusive situation, or just need someone to talk to, see our ‘Need Help?’ page.

Thanks again Ontario!

November 25 to December 10. International 16 days of action

Today is UN Human Rights Day, and the last day of the 16 Days of Action to end Violence Against Women. Be sure to tweet @wrappdincourage today, and in case you missed it, here is what we were talking about these last 16 days:

1. Violence Against Aboriginal Women
Support the petition for a national inquiry into the almost 600 missing and murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada.

2.Legal Justice
Hold men who abuse women accountable.

3. Unity Across Canada for Abused Women
Support the call for a National Action Plan on #VAW in Canada. https://endvaw.ca

4. Accessible Legal Supports
Cuts to Legal Aid in Ontario hurt abused women. http://www.legalaid.on.ca/en/default.asp

5. Support for Victims of Sexual Violence
Take action against sexual violence today- where would you draw the line? #WDTL

6. Access to Emergency Services
Emergency services support #VAW survivors with immediate support & safety @AWHL @femaide_Est

7. Improved Training for legal, health, employment services
All frontline workers play a vital role in addressing #vaw – routine frontline training needed.

8. Enough Resources to support women.
#Canada – est. economic cost of woman abuse is $4.7 billion/yr http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/rp-pr/cj-jp/fv-vf/rr12_7/p4.html#sec41 invest in prevention today!

9. National Data Base
Shelter Network calls on Cdn Federal government to develop Nat’l Action Plan on #VAW @endvawnetwork

10. Gender Equity
Invest in Gender Equity to tackle root causes of #VAW

11. Women’s Economic Empowerment
On average, women in Canada earn 68c on a man’s $1- financial inequality is a factor in perpetuating #VAW #payequity http://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/commentary/canadas-pay-gap

12.Public Awareness/Education Campaigns
A woman is murdered by her husband or boyfriend every 6 days in Canada #reasontotakeaction #endvaw @canadianwomensfoundation

13.Engage the Media
Redefining masculinity, especially as it’s defined through popular media, is crucial to ending violence against women #maleally

14.Engage Youth in the Solutions
Educated girls are a threat to the status quo-support, encourage and mentor a young woman changemaker # MalalaYousafzai #endvaw

15.Engage male youth and leaders to take action
The tension remains: the vast majority of men are not violent, however, the vast majority of violence is perpetrated by men- be an ally today! #MaleAlly

16.Donate to or volunteer at your local Shelter

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 16 days of action, whether that has been starting discussions, wearing your purple scarf or even tweeting about violence against women. Every action helps!

Dec 6th, National Day of Remembrance and Action to end Violence Against Women

24 years , 14 women were massacred because they were women.. Each year women across Canada are murdered or missing because of their gender. In Ontario 32 women died this year alone….Action not just reflection.
Shelters need your support..donate to them or ask the Government of Ontario to adequately fund shelters, provide better housing for women, increase Ontario Works and support pay equity. Take a moment to watch this video

Day 2 of the 16 Days of ACTION..

To date over 11 000 scarves have been distributed across Ontario and yesterday those scarves came out to Queen’s Park on The International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.  At Queen’s Park many of the elected officials, including the Premiere of Ontario wore their scarves.  This is an important visual to let abused women across Ontario know that Ontario has not forgotten them.

Kathleen Wynne wearing her purple scarf

Kathleen Wynne wearing her purple scarf

Today on Day 2 of the 16 Days of Action the UN asks nations around the world to look a the impact of the legal justice system on abused women.  To improve our own system Ontarian’s can support more legal aid funding. The investment in Legal Aid across Ontario for abused women has diminished and many abused women no longer qualify. We need to do more: Let us know what you are doing to improve Legal Justice.


Wrapping Queen’s Park in Courage!

Today is the UN International Day to End Violence Against Women, the 25th day of Woman Abuse Awareness Month. Shelters and supporters from across the province gathered in Queen’s Park today to raise awareness about woman abuse. Over 100 people came out to show abused women and children that they are not without a voice.




According to OAITH:

“Every six days in Canada, a woman is murdered by her spouse. Aboriginal women experience violence at twice the rate of non-Aboriginal women and are almost seven times more vulnerable to homicide. On any given day, over 8200 women and their children are living in emergency shelters and transition houses to escape violence in Canada.”


So today and for the rest of the 16 Days of Action, and on December 6th make yourself aware of the situation facing so many women in Canada and the rest of the world, and the work social services providers and supporters do to help.

Wrapping Queen’s Park in Courage